Roots in pipe


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Roots in pipe

What is the opinion about the root kill powders. Their effectiveness and any danger to pipes.
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They can work as can chemicals like copper sulfate. The big problem with root killers is getting it in the right place. Foaming products are better though.

Do you know how long your sewer drain pipe is? Do you know how long it takes a toilet flush to reach the cities sewer main? Think you can dump the chemical in the toilet and get it to sorta end up in the drain pipe where it's needed and not get washed past?

The key is putting in enough treatment and getting it to where it's needed. I don't like flushing the toilet as you don't have much control. I like to use a bucket of water poured into the toilet. A quick pour of 1/2 to 3/4 gallon into the drain hole of the toilet's bowl can be enough to cause it to flush and take the chemicals into the sewer pipe. Usually I try to use the minimum water that will cause the toilet to flush. A full flush with the toilets flush handle may use too much water which could wash the chemicals past the roots and out into the sewer or septic without doing their job. Unfortunately there is no simple rule like "flush twice".
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You can play wack a mole all day with this or just dig up the pipe and replace with new PVC and never have to deal with again.
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We do have an access in the front yard so I could apply it there with limited water. Two years ago plumbers snaked it and found roots. Not having issues but they determined that our access to the city and the tree roots appear to be under the street so not sure what that would mean (about 50 feet and at an angle). We do know that our neighbors sewer pipe crosses in our yard at the angle (blocked and leaking in our yard 4 years ago). Would really just be using as an insurance policy.

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