R.O. Not working


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R.O. Not working

I have a older R.O system that I rebuilt back in 2012. I put new membrane and filters in it back in October and it has been working fine until a couple weeks ago it started slowing down. Now it is hardly filling the tank and hardly anything coming out of the waste drain.
Any ideas?
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The obvious first step would be to take the filters out to see if anything is clogged. Not much to an RO system, housing, filters and some fittings!
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First, go to your manufacturers website. Most have a troubleshooting section/guide that will help with your specific system.

Definitely start out looking for a clog. If it was sediment coming in from your water source it will likely be in the first sediment filter. Another option is if one of the filters failed somehow releasing chunks that caused a clog in the next stage.

You can also check your flow restrictor. It has a tiny orifice that could get clogged.

Also check your automatic shut off valve (ASOV). If it's bad it won't allow the tank to fill properly.

Check the accumulator/pressure tank to make sure it's not water logged and verify that the air pressure is set correctly.
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Replaced pre filter and no change. Pulled membrane, put back in, flushed auto shutoff valve and flow restrictor and it is working again.

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