Piping for rainwater collection


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Piping for rainwater collection

Hi, we are going to pipe our roof rain run-off to our new storage tank. I am planning on using 4" PVC bell-end drain pipe from the guttering.
With the bell-end stuff, do I really need to use PVC glue on the joints or is the push fit good enough?What about fittings, elbows and tees etc., is push fit good enough there?Thanks
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I very often just push the sections together. It makes repairs in the future easy. You can always glue it later if you find it's needed. Make sure to orient your fittings in the correct direction so the unglued joints don't drip.
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OK, thanks. That will make life easier.
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PVC pipe, regardless of the type is intended to be glued.

You can install without but there is nothing that is going to structurally hold everything together and regardless of the direction of install is going to leak!

Dry fit it but I will bet that gluing will be needed!

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