Nozzle Broke Off in Drain -- Suggestions?


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Nozzle Broke Off in Drain -- Suggestions?

I need to figure a way to fish a garden hose nozzle out from a 1-1/2" drain pipe. It's a outside drain that is clogged with sand, and I was using the hose to flush out the sand. It was working pretty well until the nozzle came off (it was attached to a replacement male end that wasn't tightened enough, and that's an "Expert Gardener 4 Inch Metal Twist Nozzle" from Walmart, if you're wondering what it looks like)..
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It's not very far in, less than 2 feet for sure. It's in front of ten years worth of sand, so I'm not worried about pushing it in. I just don't have any idea of what I could use to hook the thing out other than randomly poking a coat hanger with a little bend at the end. Maybe there is a tool specifically for this? Any useful suggestions would be much appreciated

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What about the old bubble gum trick? Or a shop-vac with the filter removed?
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Welcome to the forums.

Unfortunately that nozzle is brass so the perfect fishing tool..... a magnet..... is of no use here.
A piece of coat hanger with a hook may be the best way to get it out.
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Or mechanical fingers:

But I think Dan has it, shop vac. What you might do is get a piece of smaller diameter hose like 3/4" automotive heater hose and tape it to end of shop vac hose to create a good seal. Then slowly work it down pipe sucking sand as you go and eventually should suck nozzle up to the hose.

I also wouldn't discount a magnet; the nozzle may be brass, but the hose repair end might be steel.
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