Tub Backing Up underneath

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My bathtub is backing up underneath the tub and leaking out into the bathroom, the front porch and the neighboring bedroom. I can't figure out where/why it is leaking.
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I would have to ask you if this happens everytime you take a bath? shower? both?
You have several places where the water could be leaking and determining when it leaks could help locate where the leak may be at.
If you take showers most the time, or have kids (adults) who like to fill the tub up to the overflow. This would be the first thing I would look at. The gasket behind the overflow plate. Usually the plate has a screw in the center of it, or two on the outside edges. Remove these to gain access to the gasket and inspect it. Make sure it is there, intact and will seal when the plate is installed and tightened. I have had these leak when kids splash or overfill the tub and also when water from the shower runs down the tub (mostly if the plate is loose or upside down).
If the gasket is good. You may want to put the plug in the drain and fill the tub up. See if you get any leaks while the tub is filling. If it does you have a couple of places to look: The faucet itself, the spout or possibily the gasket around the drain. Each has it own way of checking, and can cover those later.
If no leak is found by now, let the the water out of the tub by removing the drain plug. If you incounter a leak now it means the drain line is leaking and you will need to gain access to the front end/underside of the tub. Hopefully, you will have an access panel in the wall of the adjacent room to the head of the tub. If not you will have to make one...no fun, but can be done.
If you found no leak, durring the filling and draining of the tub. Once again, plug the drain and this time run the shower, let it fill the tub. If you find a leak now, it has to do with the shower. Check the shower head to ensure it is not spraying water back against the wall, hitting the back wall and running down the outside of the tub (not really a leak, just misdirected water ). Ensure the shower arm is tight, shower elbow inside the wall is not leaking, also check the diverter,shower riser. You can check some of these things from the shower side, but if you have an access panel, it is easier to pull it and look while the water is running.
Hopefully this will help you some. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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Thanks for the suggestions Trying2help, I have tried most of those as well as drain opener.

Typically what happens is you can take one bath (no showers being taken) in a 24 hour period and it doesn't leak. And if you don't drain the water out for the second bath, it doesn't leak, so I am thinking maybe a clog somewhere in the line that is really slow draining???

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