Can anyone identify these pipes in basement


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Can anyone identify these pipes in basement

I have some pipes in a spare room in the basement , that were there when I purchased my home. I cannot figure out what they were for. Either bathroom , if so why the third pipe or Oil then why the third pipe also.

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Welcome to the forums.

I was trying to figure out what those pipes were on the left. Those appear to be crutches.
Not sure what D is. Is that something just parked there ?

A looks to be set up as a cleanout.
B would be sized for a shower or tub.
C would be sized for a toilet.
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Thanks , D is just a stand for telescope . So B and C is what I was really looking for . Was wondering why the cleanout A was so close . Thanks.
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The clean out may be for connecting to the vent?
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Thanks for the replies. I was a little confused as I thought originally the pipes were for Oil tank as when I purchased home and was doing a walk through , there was an old oil tank and hot water heater near them not connected. They removed it after my walk through but never got an explanation as to the pipes and don't see any other pipes where the oil tank was hooked up . I guess the vent pipe A was installed inside , just surprised it was so close to the bathroom setup . Thanks again. The newer system is Propane / with peerless boiler located in a different location in the garage which is probably a not so good place for this system, As I can't do any work in the garage as it could be a hazard. I don't even like parking the cars in the garage for safety reasons. I am thinking of building a wall between the boiler , hot water heater and rest of system as a different room . Then I would have to install an air vent from that room to the outside . Right now the garage is big enough to handle the air . Also worried someone might hit the hot water heater upon entering car in garage. I guess I should setup either the separate room or put a concrete barrier between the hot water heater and where the car is parked. Actually I am surprised this even legal or comply's to have in garage.

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