Turning a breezeway room into a laundry room


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Turning a breezeway room into a laundry room

We have a "breezeway" room in our house between the garage and the main house, all under one roof and it is currently enclosed (cement floor connected to the garage). Ideally, I would like to turn this into an area that could take a freezer, water heater and laundry without making it official "living" space. The wall against the house is "exterior" construction and the plumbing (supply and drain) would ideally come out of this wall as we are going to be putting in a master bath on the other (interior) side.

Will code typically allow such a construction? I could, but would like to avoid, putting in a subfloor in this room and/or making it official "interior" construction. I will insulate the attic/ceiling, the exterior walls, wall against the garage and install better doors (they are old and have lots of gaps) so there will be little chance of it getting cold enough to freeze. The only "heat" would be from the freezer and water heater and any lighting.

We are in the Portland, OR area and the code for our county follows the 2015 UPC. Is there something in there that would specifically apply to this? Our country did away with the "ask the inspector" program so my other option would be to hire a plumber at least as a consultant.

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