Pipes shuttering (water hammer?) when sprinkler running


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Pipes shuttering (water hammer?) when sprinkler running

Over the weekend I turned on my lawn sprinklers. When the sprinklers are running the pipes in my house start shuddering and banging. This only happens then the water is running and it does it on all 4 of my zones.

We have lived in our house for 20 years and the sprinkler was there when we moved in. It has never done this before.

We do not have a pressure regulator on our pipes and none of the things in our house cause this to happen.

The pipe to the sprinklers is a 1" split off the line right after the water meter. I blew out the lines before winter and all of the valves and circuits work normally.

Any ideas why this is happening all of a sudden?
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On a well or city, was/is there any pressure differences since last year?
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Do you have a master valve/solenoid for your irrigation system? If you do I would at least open the valve and clean it out and probably replace the diaphragm.
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When did you last have the irrigation feed backflow preventer tested assuming you have municipal water?

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