Possible PRV issue?


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Possible PRV issue?

I replaced the outside faucets on my house with frost free ones about a year and a half ago. Don't know if it matters or not, but I used some of those sharkbite fittings to connect them. Anyway, they worked fine for a while and this spring they are working, but doing so intermittently. Sometimes I turn it on and no water, sometimes it works just fine, and sometimes I turn it on and there's a delay and then all the sudden it bursts on. This past weekend, I noticed a weird vibrating humming noise when I turn on any water source in my master bath which happens to be directly over where one of the outdoor spigots comes in to the crawl space, and also where the main supply line comes in from the street (on municipal water). The humming sounds similar to a small compressor pump or something, but I know there's not one of those under my house. Just trying to give an idea of what the noise sounds like. I had my wife go outside to see if she could hear the noise when I turned on the water in the bathroom and she did. She said it sounded like it was coming from under the house. I've been searching forums for a possible cause, and PRV keeps coming up, but I can't find anything about the outdoor spigots working sporadically like that. Not sure if the PRV could cause something like that as well. If anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it.
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I think you have separate issues. The humming could be a chattering PRV if you have one. The delay in the sillcocks will have to be looked at separately but I suspect it's a very brief delay and is related to how quickly you open the faucet. The valve is actually buried back in the wall so it takes a slight bit of time for the water to get outside to where you can see it. This is most noticeable when opening the valve only a little bit.
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then all the sudden it bursts on
I wonder if the failing PRV might be causing too much pressure to build up in your system, causing this initial burst.

I would get a pressure gauge and confirm your pressure remains in a reasonable 50-80psi range.

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