hauling 21 foot section of 3/4 black pipe


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hauling 21 foot section of 3/4 black pipe

Want to pick up a 21' section with a jeep commander. The overhang front and rear are legal in my state, but how floppy will it be? Front section will be 2 feet past the front bumper, so that will be about 6 feet unsupported.
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I've used blankets and other padding to strap long boards or pipes to the passenger side of my vehicles. Each vehicle will have different places to secure the ropes both inside and opposite side of the vehicle. Take a slow route if possible but not all that difficult. Bud
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Have a friend with a boat trailer?
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A hardware store owner I knew use to tie them under his pickup fastening them to the bumpers. You could put a second rope from the pipe ends over the top in addition.

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A lot of suppliers will deliver for a nominal fee.

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