Motorized auger question


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Motorized auger question

Trying to get an idea on the motorized augers with a cutting tool. I have two blockages in a garden pipe. Good access to both and each will be a blockage of about 18 inches or so as Ive manually augered from each direction. Ive hit the piping with Roebic and..the other one.Zep? Im also thinking I could just dig up the pipe and chop out the offending sections and replace. Thoughts, options? I'm assuming it is tree roots. What would be the minimum powered auger if that would do the job?

The rest of this post is nothing to do with motorized augers but had me gobsmacked.

Last week I had a very interesting encounter with a well know company with a Jetter. In short, what I think the fellow wanted to do was spend his afternoon on my property getting every entry point to the Garden drain system squeaky clean and then give me a bill for 6 or 700 bucks or more. His start point was doing me a favor of 500 (discounted from 650) for the first hour. I wasnt expecting anything like this cost so I told him to stop there and Id have to think about it. He then proceeded to run down the opposition, none of which Id contacted anyway. I did say to him that if his office had given any indication of the cost I could have saved him a trip. We are talking about an accessible garden drain here, not a sewer blockage under the slab. Apparently the office wouldnt have given an idea anyway he said. So off he went with, I must say, a very decent piece of Jetting kit. I would think pulling that around all day youd want to find somewhere you could Jet for hours and make a tidy income. After that I did phone one of the competition and they wouldnt give a quote or rate per hour either, so I wont be going the Jetting route. I can dig the pipe up if needs be, the top is about two inches max below the soil surface. Strange, you turn up at a punters house who is not totally clueless about what the problem is, has two blockages only within a couple of feet of an entry point and you want to Jet the remaining 5 entry points which I know there are no issues with. Im in the wrong job. People must have a load of money out there to give to these folks. Nice piece of kit though, quite a bit of monies worth. Im sure it would make short work of the job but I dont have that sort of money unless it was a sewer issue
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Pour down the drain chemicals rarely work. Now that you have used them you will be faced with those dangerous chemicals when you dig up the pipe to make the repair so thoroughly flush everything out with water before working.
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Yep will do , thanks. I'll make sure it is well flushed.
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I have two blockages in a garden pipe.
What kind of pipe is it? I don't know how well an auger would work in a black corrugated pipe. Also the lightweight PVC pipes you need to be careful with.

If it's that shallow, your best bet might be to just replace it. If it's roots, they will end up coming back anyway.

As for plumbers, most of the big companies have that tactic of coming out and giving you a price, even if it is a pretty standard price. The quality of work and attitude really comes down to the individual worker. The big companies are nice because you can get someone anytime 24/7... but it's nice to know who you're dealing with too.
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Thanks good point on the piping material. I'll have to scrape away the top soil and have a look. I'm thinking I'll likely leave it till weather cools off and try and dig it out. What has happened is it runs slow and eventually the rain water will back up onto the patio. Now we did survive Hurricane Harvey, basically the water will run off to lower parts of the property rather than get into the house but it will creep up the slab and get close to the 'weep holes' between the brickwork and the slab. It never used to back up. It may be running a wee bit clearer since I hit it with chemicals but no way is it open and that may be my imagination anyway.

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