Running 1” PEX to supply sprinklers from Ύ” main


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Running 1” PEX to supply sprinklers from Ύ” main


we we just bought a house that has inground sprinklers. They were tied to an old shallow well that is no longer delivering the water. Pressure and flow are both bad. It would cost $3000-4000 to either hydrofrack or put in a new well.

There is a second deep well that gives us Our domestic water supply for our our house. The pipe coming out of the pressure tank is Ύ” copper. I would like to put a Ύ” sharkbite tee close to the tank and then immediately increase the tubing to 1” PEX which I would run across our basement to our sprinkler valve which is 1” copper.

Would there be be any detrimental effect to having that short run of Ύ” copper pipe supplying the 1” PEX?

I also ran ran a couple tests last weekend. The deep well puts out 15 gpm if I timed how long it took to fill up 5 gallon bucket. I then ran a test seeing how long it took for pump to recharge the pressure tank and did that calculation. It put out 14 gallons before pump turned on. It took 142 seconds for the large pressure tank to refill and pump to turn off. That gave me 7 gpm.

Each zone typically only has 3 sprinkler heads.

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The 3/4" pipe most likely won't affect anything.

More of the issue will be the design of the sprinkler system and the pump/well capabilities. A sprinkler system uses a lot of water, so the well will need to be able to keep up with the water needs. Plus the pump needs to put out enough volume based on the number and size of sprinkler heads. 7 GPM might be good enough, or maybe not enough. No idea without seeing the design parameters of your sprinkler system.
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Thanks. I don’t know too much about system itself. Each zone seems to have 3 heads. I was going to change nozzles to 2 gpm (figuring my well seems to pump 7 or so). There are 9 zones. I would run 4 zones each morning on alternating days. I don’t want a golf course. Just trying to keep most areas looking decent.
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Going up to 1" for the run to the irrigation system won't hurt but it won't help much. The 1" will reduce friction loss along the piping run but it won't make a dramatic difference. If you already had a 3/4" line I would say it's not worth upsizing to 1" but if you are making a new run I'd do it in 1". The reason is no so much for how it will improve your system now but it would be better to put in the bigger line now so when you have to replace the pressure tank and re-do that plumbing you can upsize it to 1" and possibly provide a bit better flow.
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Currently, in an effort to boost the effectiveness of the older we’ll and pressure tank, they had run ½” copper from the domestic water system. So, we have Ύ” copper at domestic system, and a ½” copper pipe that runs across basement to supplement the crummy shallow well! I figured replacing that ½” copper with1” pex should improve things a lot

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