faucet in shower stall just spins, won't turn water on.

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First time poster. Hope you can help.

The hot water knob in my shower stall(two separate handles)is just spinning when I turn it (the cold water knob is loose, but still works today!) The hot knob was loose, got to the point where you had to push in while turning. I discovered the cap in the center of the knob comes off; I tightened the screw I saw inside, and that fixed it for 2 days; now, this morning, it just spins when you turn it - no amount of 'pushing in' while turning helps, and trying to tighten that screw again did nothing.

Is there something else I can try to fix this, or does it need to be replaced?...it's only a little over a year old, but is in a mobile home, so is likely cheap. If it has to be replaced, do I remove that cap and take the screws out to begin removing it? (after the water is shut off). Is there much more to removing it than that?....please help soon, the dealer will send his guy to fix it, at $90/hour (which I don't have).
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when the handles become loose this allows the male and female cogs to wear out.this is how the handle connects with the stem to turn it on.remove the handle that just spins and inspect the receiving female portion of the handle to see if the cogs are worn down,as well as on the end of the stem.If they are both worn replace the stem and handle.
good luck

p.s dont use any "fit all" junk... Go back with origional..
also tighten the other handle that is loose before it gets to be like the hot side.

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