Shutting off water after using washer


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Shutting off water after using washer

I have a question for professional plumbers. Would you recommend homeowners to shut off valves after using clothes washer? I read an internet article about how much damage water leak can cause. The author recommended closing water valves after each use of washer. Is this just one man's opinion? If you agree, I will replace the conventional washer hookup valves with quarter turn ball valves (recommended in the article). Thank you.

One more question. My exterior water faucets are not closing easily. Is there a reason why I had better not replace them with ball valves? Thank you.
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Yes, shutting off the water to your clothes washer when not using it is a good idea. Do I do it... no. I also don't turn off the water to my dishwasher which is odd that it too is not recommended since it also is connected by a flex hose. Then there is the water line to your fridge.

When you say your sillcock doesn't close easily what do you mean specifically? Does it drip unless closed hard or is the knob difficult to turn?

You did not fill in the location of your profile so I don't know where you are located. If in the very southern part of the US you could use quarter turn valves but everywhere else I recommend a frost proof sillcock.
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There are so many applications where water damage could occur but I suspect after a few times of turning the washer on and forgetting to turn the water on that practice will cease.

I do turn the water off during a vacation, that's about the extent of my water security!
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Thank you for the notes. I am going to shut off water main and replace packing/sealing gaskets of several water faucets including 2 outdoor hose bibs. I need to tighten them hard to stop water flow.

I live in Dallas Tx. Just moved here so don't know how cold it gets. Internet says rarely below 26 F in the winter.
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I think it's a good idea... though I don't do it either. I don't floss nearly as much as I should either.

Actually, the worst flood I had was while the washer was running. The discharge hose broke and ended up on the floor. So the washer kept filling, while the water kept discharging onto the floor. I figure it ran for 3-4 hours before I said to my wife 'is that the washer still running?'. Well, it sure was... to the tune of about 4" of water in half the basement!

I do make it a point to turn off the water in the house when I go away for more than a couple days though.
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Here is one more person that states it is a good idea but never does it. My mother, may she rest in peace, ALWAYS turned off the water to the washing machine after the last load of the day, even when it was piped with two hard to turn multi-turn valves.

Honestly, I read in insurance blurbs about burst washing machine hoses being the number one cause of household flooding incidents but I have never known anyone that told me they had had that experience.
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We do it, or I should say my wife does. I don't know why but I've heard of many washing machine hoses fail as opposed to other appliances that have water pressure. To make life easy I recommend getting the single handle washing machine hose faucet of this type

Something about this particular valve that makes a person want to shut the valves as opposed to two separate valves.
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As a repair tech for washing machines I havw been in houses with upward of 30000 damage and still counting when I got there. And no I still don't shut off water.
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What are we becoming as people when turning on/off water to the clothes washer has to be discussed. Washer installation instructions says to turn water on before use and off after use. If you don't care about a flood in the area leave the water on all the time. Only you know if you can swim or not.
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If I am going to be away from home for longer than a weekend I always turn off water to the house and set the gas water heater back to pilot. I also only use the stainless steel washer hoses like these.

With laundry machines located in the basement, if I were to have a hose burst while I am away I wouldn't anticipate major damages, but I would get a major water bill.

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