Low Pressure After Service Line Repair

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Low Pressure After Service Line Repair


I just had a plumber fixed a underground serviced line leak outside my house, however, my kitchen sink faucet is not getting full pressure on the cold water. All other faucets working good. They did run the water from outside hose right after master valve for like 15 seconds prior allow me to use water inside, but I guess some debris might still got in.

I am not sure if it will be the plumber’s responsibility to fix this or it will be my. Prior the repair the cold water had higher pressure even with the leak.

In case this can be a DIY job, should I remove the cold water valve under the sink, then run water through with a extension line? Is that going to clear the debris?

Much appreciated for your input.
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Check with the plumber. He may be of no help as it is impossible to say who caused this. I would first remove the aerator from the end of the faucet and remove any debris. If that doesn't help, shut the cold water valve off under the sink and remove cold water valve. If single lever faucet, shut the hot water valve off also. Using whatever device you can come up with to contain the cold water coming from the cold water side of the faucet, quickly open then close the cold water valve under the sink. This should clear any debris from the outlet side of the cold water shutoff valve to the cold water input at the sink faucet cold water. If that doesn't help you will need to disconnect the input water line to the cold water shutoff valve under the sink. This may require shutting off the cold water supply to the house. After removing cold water valve at kitchen faucet, use compressed air to blow from the faucet to the cold water shut off valve under the sink, Reconnect cold water line to shutoff valve. Turn water supply back on. Problem should be fixed.
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Thank you for your reply Bob.

I also noticed this morning. The water does not run consistent, it feels like it is gushing out air bubbles or “spitting” a bit. Is this a indication there is air bubbles trapped in the pipe? I have a outdoor valve for the back yard hose I believe right before or after the sink valve, maybe on the same pipe line, is that going to help on anything?

I will try to do the second and third method mentioned later this week. Checked all filters this morning they seems clean.
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Air in the pipes is normal. Usually when a new line is run, it's common to run the outdoor faucet for 10-15 minutes to clear out any gunk in the pipes as the faucet aerators are easy to clog.

I like Bob's suggestions of cleaning out the valves.

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