Is my water turned off?

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Is my water turned off?

I have just managed to find my stop tap, hidden behind kitchen unit. Cut a hole and managed to locate the tap. Turned it all the way clockwise to turn off. Left upstairs taps running for about 5 minutes but water still pouring out. I donít have a water tank, as we have an ideal combination boiler. Should I have run the water for longer?
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The shut off valve should be by the meter.
I do not know why you think this is the mains shutoff or how you found it.

Unless there is another floor above this it should have stopped earlier than 5 minutes.
Even with a floor higher up it should have stopped unless there is something like a water tank up there.
Also if this is the top floor then once the pressure is relieved the water should stop.
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Agreed - once the water is shut off, the main pressure should stop within 10-20 seconds. It may take longer to fully drain and stop, but you should notice a sharp decrease in water pressure quickly.

It either means you didn't find the main shutoff - maybe this is for an outdoor faucet or another line in the house? Or it is possible that the valve is broken - it does happen, but I would lean towards you shut off something else.
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My guess is you turned off water to the sink or to an outside spigot. In my area there is a shutoff valve with the meter out by the street. Shut-offs inside the home tend to be right where the main water line enters the home and it's usually in a basement and not hidden inside a wall or anywhere you would have to cut something open to access, but anything is possible.
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It's important to give a location. This is a US based forum and since you are in the UK, things may be different there. As stated, in the US, the main shut off is next to the water meter. Do you have a neighbor to ask or maybe you could call your water department and ask how mains are shut off where you live.
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Is my water turned off

Thank you for all your help. It seems that the tap I was turning, was an old one, and not connected to anything. Managed to feel a bit further round , and felt something else. Cut yet another hole in the back of the unit, and hey presto, there was the water meter and stop tap, so problem resolved. I feel like an idiot, but cursing the kitchen fitter, who didnít put the hole there in the first place, but very grateful for all your replies.

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