rattling pipes-stop when water is on

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The pipes in my house rattle constantly until I turn on the water. They stop for a couple of minutes then start again. The rattle noise used to be not as constant and not as fast until recently when the water got shut off. Now, it sounds like someone is running a generator in my wall. I don't know what kind of pipes they are.
Please help.... Thanks

Thanks for replies...Had to replace my pressure regulator

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I know a reason pipes will rattle when water gets turned on, the only thing I can think of a rattle with water is off, is, do you have a recirc pump on your hot water lines, this could be a cause, if you don't then I'm clueless of this sound, I'd have to be there to really know.
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plumber 2000 is right you need to be there.But you could try fitting more clips to your pipework to absorb the shock and vibration. If you are on a main water supply and are near to other properties it could be vibration noise from there equiptment reverberating through the pipiework.
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I have a wild guess that you might have a small leak going through a faucet or fixture that is causing your noise. I would isolate (turn shut off valve) or repair any small drips from fixtures and appliances. If there are no obvious drips, try turning water off to toilets, dishwasher, icemaker etc. and see if shutting-off any of these stops the noise.

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bet ya

you have a bad antisiphon on your ball **** on one of your toilets that is leaking by and sounds like a frieght train.



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