End Plug for PEX piping


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End Plug for PEX piping

I am doing a bathroom remodel for my master bath. I will be the one doing the demo for both the shower stall and the built-in bathtub. I will have a plumber come and do the rough-in for all of the new fixtures / facets, he will also be doing the Onyx shower install & final bathtub install.

Plumbing is not one of the specialties I enjoy, so I normally get a pro to come do those ends of my projects

My question is regarding the PEX piping I currently have. During demo I would like to be able to cut the PEX and put an end cap on it. Then a few weeks later when the plumber comes they can splice the new PEX / facets as needed. The catch is I do not have a PEX crimping tool & given the price nor do I wish to buy one. .
So can I use a standard hose clamp (the worm screw automotive type) on the end of a PEX plug instead of a normal crimp ring? Will it hold and be water tight for the month or so between my demo and the plumber install?
The guy at the Orange big box told me that would not hold pressure. But he did not appear to be very knowledgeable on the matter, at least in my opinion. He was pushing the Sharkbite end plug option, but at $6.00 a piece for a temporary fix? I guess I could still get the Sharkbites, they are reusable and wont go bad in my tool box over time. But I do not expect to use them much or ever afterwards.

Please let me know if the hose clamp solution will work or if another option is available. Thanks Mike
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You either need to buy, rent or borrow a crimping tool or use the Shark/Gator Bite end cap fitting. I've played around with hose clamps on PEX and I've never gotten it to reliably work. They always have a slow drip.
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I've seen "PEX pocket crimpers" which are basically the jaws that crimp the PEX rings, but use a pair of pliers for leverage. They are cheaper than a standard PEX crimping tool, but surprisingly, still a bit pricey ($25). I would never use them often, but for a quick project, probably would work just fine.

I would recommend the SharkBite or similar push-fit caps. They are so easy for demo/temporary work. I keep a few of them in my toolbox for unexpected situations.

You can also get much cheaper ones online (Bluefin), but they likely have shipping costs attached. So you might not save much money unless you're buying other stuff too.
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Guys, Thanks for the replies. I will just get the SharkBites and be done with it. I have used them in the past and they work very well. As I said earlier, I can always keep and reuse them later on other projects. Or as pointed out they would be very handy in an emergency should a line get punctured. Thanks Again.
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I do not know how much plumbing you are actually doing.

You may want to look at sharkbite shut off valves.

Then you may be able to use them as shut offs instead of just sitting in your tool box.
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