How much gas smell is OK?

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How much gas smell is OK?

I'm sure the default answer here is 0%, but hear me out...

I just replaced the hose on my gas dryer. The original was removed a few months ago, and we used a small cap to seal up the gas until we could replace the hose. Thus far, we've had no issues with gas smell or leaks.

A few days ago, we removed the cap and tried replacing it with a standard universal gas dryer hose kit (smaller/thinner than the previous). We had gas hissing out as well as the smell filling the upstairs. We finally took it off and just re-capped it.

Today we tried again, using the larger "pro" kit, that is the exact same size that was there before. I was able to stop any noticeable gas leaks or hissing, but we can't seem to get rid of this very faint gas smell that still resides.

Now let me be clear. We have tried EVERYTHING. We worked all day swapping out every different size and type adapter for the hose and the gas line, we used pipe thread (from small amounts to lots), and we made sure all the nuts/fittings we're as tight as humanly possible (using a larger pair of players to where they could not possibly tight another inch, almost to the point of stripping). And again, the hose is the largest they had.

You can't smell gas in the upstairs at all anymore, or even if you just stand over the pipe. You have to get right down to the fitting and sniff to get any kind of whiff. We also did the soap bubble test, which it passed.

I'd say it's 98% sealed up, with only the faintest hint left if you really get down close to the pipe. But there is virtually nothing else we know to do, and I never checked to see if this was normal from the previous installation.

So is this acceptable/safe? The other dryer hose sat like this for years apparently.
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There should be 0 gas leak or smell.

A universal hose kit should have a fitting for 1/2" pipe and a fitting for the back of the dryer along with a flex pipe that connects to those fittings.

When you put the fittings on the gas pipe/valve and the back of the dryer.... a sealant is needed. Teflon tape or my recommendation.... pipe thread sealer/dope.

A picture or two would be helpful too...... How-to-insert-pictures.

The ends in blue are the hose ends. Nothing goes on them. The red ends need thread sealer.

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The chemical they put in natural gas is there for a reason, you smell it you should be getting out of the house and calling the gas company, somebody to resolve!
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Have you located the source of the leak? It is possible the problem is not with your hoses. Maybe the end on the house's piping or the dryer has gotten nicked and won't allow a proper seal.
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Air out the house so you are not confused by the smell of gas from the leak you fixed yesterday lingering in the air overnight while you are doing soap water tests today.
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What if the leak isn't the dryer hose? Call the gas company before you don't wake up one morning or before your house goes boom in the night.
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yeah, my gas guy was taking the monthly reading and we were chatting about gas... no smell is acceptable. I told him on some days I could smell a faint odor, and he asked to look. He came in with some gas testing soap water and after a few mins found a leak.
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There should be a shutoff valve for the dryer. I would turn that shutoff valve OFF and run a fan for a while and see if the odor disappears at the connection(s) you suspect. Then I would open the shutoff valve and check again and make sure that the odor returns at the same connection(s).

If you uses Teflon tape made for water pipes maybe thatís the problem. If you use Teflon tape I believe you are supposed to use Teflon tape made for gas pipes (I think itís yellow).

Iím no expert, I think Iíve only done it once myself. I extended the piping for a gas dryer many years ago.
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Considering all you have done so far I think it's time to call the local gas company.

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