Where does my exterior sewer line go?

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Where does my exterior sewer line go?

Hi all,

I am about to knock down my old plastic shed and build a nice wood shed in its place. The problem is, I think my exterior sewer line (pvc) is headed right underneath where I intend to build. Based on where the clean out plug is, if the line keeps going straight, then I will be building over it, which Iím sure is not a good idea.

The street is at a right angle to the direction of the line. Is it possible that the line curves to the right toward the street? I posted some pictures if it helps.
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Your local wastewater agency might be able to answer questions about your sewer line. Mine helped me find my cleanout when I couldn't find it on my own. It was well hidden, and they emailed me a diagram showing where it was.
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You can make an educated guess that they most likely chose the straightest, shortest line to the main sewer in the street. But of course, that is just a guess.

How deep is the line? You can tell by adding a weight to the end of a string and lowering it into the cleanout until it hits the bottom. If you're 3+ feet deep, I wouldn't worry about it unless you're building a full foundation. A shed sitting on the ground won't bother it.

If you're concerned, you might need to get a locating service out. For a few hundred $$, they'll send a snake down the pipe and track it with a receiver.
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When they built the subdivision back in the 70's, that I used to live in........ they tied my sewer in with the neighbors. Every time one or the other backed-up, it would back up both.


We had to have a plumber come out & install a clean out in that line. After that, we noticed just about everyone had a clean out in their front yard, usually decorated with flowers etc.

I'm just saying, its a possibility.
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If you have a basement...... you can determine the pipe depth by measuring from there.
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You can probe for it with a long metal rod. Just stick it in the ground to feel for the pipe. It's easy if your pipe is shallow but gets progressively harder the deeper your pipe is located.

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