leaky pipe in concrete


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are there any "required" methods for exposing the leaky pipe in concrete flooring and repairing same? have concrete kitchen floor with sink hot and cold pipes embedded... water comming to surface in pipe run area, has happened before and was repaired... [not by me..] other than C-4 and a long fuze any recommended removal procedures of the concrete w/out destroying the pipes? thanks!
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Is there anything else embedded in the floor?

Do you plan on reflooring the whole kitchen?

Is the any indication of a start and end point e.g. wall entry to sink. And What are the pipes made of, copper, galvinized steel?.

Basically, if you can cut with a diamond blade walk behind saw, thats you best bet. Then an electric jack hammer. Rent one, plan on a big mess but a permanent fix. Its really not that bad.
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basicly, the spot is in center of floor along pipe run, was dug up 5 yrs ago , same spot... pipes are copper 1/2 in . my concern is futher damage to the pipes if i jack hammer ...looking to get 2x2 ft out of floor for repair... floor is 6 in deep and pipes are on btm of concrete pad
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Ok, sounds like you know the basic run and the area. I understand that if you simply start hammering your worried about shaking the pipes other than the damage area.

I was in the commercial pool business for 15 years. Lots of redo work. A walk behind wet saw will go down a least four inches. You need a diamond blade. If you are not to close to the walls, you can cut a block, right through the pipes. That way the hammering won't be referred through the rest of the floor (except the last two inches).

Once the block is hammered out, then hand chisel around the pipes well to make the connection. Not enough bare copper = poor solder weld. Sounds like a poor first repair.

I am sure you have thought of another all other routes. Have You?

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did think of re-routing thru attic and caping off leaker..but u know relatives...worse than customers!!

was trying to avoid cutting thru pipes and just repairing same but , thinking about it ,doing a full depth cut and re-doing the two pipes is the better of two evils i guess....
, if not i guess i gotta start slow chiseling and work on my prayers!
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I wouldn't worry too much about cutting the pipes. By then you'll have enough exposure to make a good repair. Chisleing down 4 inches to the exact leak spot, that sounds like a challange. And I doubt the pipe you chisle to will be in good enough shape to solder. Attic sounding really good?

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