Leaking toilet at floor and rotted subfloor


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The toilet leaks intermittently at its base onto the bathroom floor. The water drips onto the basement floor underneath the toilet. The drain pipe is PVC. The wax seals have been replaced one year ago, and three years ago by a plumber for the same problem (this is dissappointing). The subfloor is wet, spongy and discolored underneath the toilet. What else could cause the leaking assuming the wax seal was properly installed last year? How much of the subfloor needs to be replaced to adequately reseat the toilet? Is it possible there is something structurally wrong with the toilet and I best have a new toilet on hand when I attempt the repair? Is the flooring built up to high for the toilet to adequately be reseated on it? Would a cracked or damaged flange be to blame? Thanks very much. Scuttle
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It sounds like there is a problem with the subfloor being too high. A quick visual will tell you. If you pull a new closet flange (the thing the toilet bolts to) out of the box and install it it should install so the bottom of the flange is flat on the floor. No flooring should be put down around it. If this is the problem it needs corrected as it is not the way it is designed to work. Otherwise it could be any of the other things you mentioned. I doubt a new toilet would fix it but I have been surprised before.

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