Powerwasher to garden hose adapter?

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Powerwasher to garden hose adapter?


I have a 25 foot telescopic power washer wand from MTM Hydro. It has input for a standard pressure washer hose.

Does anyone know of an adapter that can connect a garden hose to the wand to use it without the machine?

all i could find was this karcher adapter

I ordered the karcher adapter but it's not the same thread. I guess karcher made theirs different so you HAVE TO buy THEIR hose only? Or that lower PSI electric units have a different hose (and thread end) than gas power washers?

I can try to find an adapter to make mine accept the Karcher but these pipe threads NPT NPTF etc gets very confusing.

I already tried making my whole set up converted to quick connect with an inline water shut off valve so I can quickly switch between the long wand or the regular hand gun, or to quickly add an extension hose to go up on roof with but the inline shut off valve doesn't match and I have to bring it to a plumbing supply store or something if I can find one and hope they can at least tell me the threading of that thing which is super close and feels sort of right but does leak.

The only way I could check threads was the brass pipe thread display/checker at Lowe's but it's not meant for pressure washer threads apparently.

I will also email some powerwasher brands like MTM etc if no one has a link for a garden hose adapter. I'll post back if I find a solution. thanks
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Pressure washers operate at much too high pressure for garden hoses. You MUST use a pressure washer hose between the pressure washer and gun. That is why there are no adapters to use a garden hose there.
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Dane, my interpretation is that the OP wants to use the pressure washer gun with just a standard garden hose connector - no pressure washer in between. So no safety issue (as long as it's used as intended)

I don't know the threads on the pressure washer hose/wand, it may be something semi-custom - so you may have to jerry-rig something with connecting the hoses together with barbed fittings and hose clamps. Others may have more ideas.
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According to MTM Hydro..... your wand has a 3/8" QC plug on it. A plug is considered male.
That means you'd need a 3/8" QC female to female garden hose.
The one in the link is two parts you can put together.
Something like this

This is the one I was trying to find.

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pj, thanks that would work if it were 1/4" not 3/8

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