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I have read some of the other problems posted about toilets running. My toilet fills and about every 5 to 10 minutes it runs again. I have watched the water in the tank slowly drop, I have used food coloring to try and find the source of the leak but to no avail. I have replaced all the internal guts of the tank, the fill assembly, the flapper assy, the tank to bowl gasket. No external leaks. I put plumbers putty around the base of the drain/flapper assy but it still leaks. I have changed the flapper multiple times. What are the chances the brand of flapper I purchased is just cheap? Bought at Manards. Should I buy from a plumbing supplier to get a better quality assy? What else should I be looking for. I'm pretty handy and this shouldn't be rocket science. Any suggestions would be helpful.
Thank you
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You might try a better brand of flapper, such as Kohler, and clean the flapper seat with steel wool or SOS pad for a better seal.
Make sure that the chain is just slack enough to let the flapper seal all the way.
The flapper seat should be part of the overflow pipe assembly. Did you say that it is leaking? Disassemble it, dry everything well, and try a bit of silicone caulk under it.
That sounds like it may be part or all of your problem.
Go to in the Plumbing section and follow the links for illustrated how-to info.
Good Luck!

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