Installing Moen Flo - Question about Bonding Wire and Soldering

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Installing Moen Flo - Question about Bonding Wire and Soldering

I am planning to install a Moen Flo, which turns the water off in the event a leak is detected. Iím not sure how I address the bonding wire. It runs to right above the existing gate valve. Can I just run the bonding wire around the Moen Flo and leave it as is? I probably would just have to bend it out of the way slightly.

I also have a question about soldering. Iíve watched a lot of YouTube videos and have been practicing. I see that some people basically feed the entire joint from the side opposite the flame while others seem to run the solder around the perimeter quickly after the joint is about 80% done. Iím not sure which is considered the ďcorrectĒ technique. I just want to make sure I donít have any voids, etc.

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That bonding wire is supposed to be attached to the pipe right at the water meter..... if you have one.
To answer your question directly.... yes you could bend it away from the pipe while working.

When doing plumbing soldering there is one key point..... everything must be clean.
All pipe ends and fittings must be clean. When they look clean.... clean them some more.
When you flux and then heat them.... the heat will draw the solder right into the fitting.
I like to run the solder around the joint. Remove the flame just before applying the solder.
Don't overheat the fittings.

You may want to consider replacing that valve with a ball valve while working there.

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