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Behind my shower wall I get loud vibrating rattling sounds in my water pipes. This sound happens about once every two minutes. This sound happens if the water is on or off. The only time it stops is if I turn the main off. My house is totally remodeled and I have air cushions on each faucet. I have tried everything. My water pressure is 68 psi. I remodeled my house over a year ago and this just started about 2 weeks ago. I have drained all the pipes but as soon as I turn the water on to the house it starts again. I have no leaking faucets or toilets. Is there anything I can do?

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You will probably get a better answer from one of the plumbing experts, but when I browsed your question I was struck by the water pressure you say you have. Maybe that's a normal pressure, but it sounds high to me. We are on well and septic and the house pressure range is 30-40 psi which is quite sufficient (3br/2ba about 2000 sqft). Interested to see what the experts say on your question.
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68 PSI is probably OK in most cases. High pressure raises the risk of water hammer if the pipes are too small.

However it does not make a lot of sence to me that it happends when the water is off but in turn quits when the main is shut off.

How large is your water pipe and what kind of pipe is it?

Also are you 100 percent sure no water is running anywhere when this happends. Also is it a single residence or a shared water situation.
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Thanks for the response. I use 1/2 pipe and its a single family house. There is no water on, I made sure that even the ice maker and dishwasher was off. Believe it or not the noise has stopped. Now I just get a little knocking behind the shower wall when I turn on or off the hot or cold water from my bathroom sink.

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