How to prevent future clogs?

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How to prevent future clogs?

My kitchen sink clogs every 1-3 months. I've measured the slope and it's seems correct (1/4 inch per foot). However, I'm questioning the angle at both ends of this pipe. As shown in this picture, this end goes up to the sink. The other end has similar angle but goes down to the floor. Every time I unclog the pipe using the auger, I have to do it three times otherwise it will only last a couple of days. It seems either sludge or waste from the food disposal didn't get carry down properly to the main pipe. Our previous house didn't have this problem at all. Before I call a professional plumber, I like to see if there is anything I can do. In additional, are there other ways to resolve this issue even if I call a professional plumber over?

Thanks in advance!

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Can't offer much help based on that picture. Not enough info and questionable orientation.

Does the drain line go into the wall or the floor ?
Do you have a basement where you can see the drain plumbing ?
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It's hard to even tell which end is up in that photo. Reoccurring clogs and difficult to clear clogs are often from grease.
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I have a drop ceiling so I can see the pipe from the kitchen sink side of the wall all the way to the other end of the room where it ends up in the concrete floor. I hope the image below is a bit more clear.

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The best way to prevent clogs is to stop putting grease and other clogging materials down the drain - pour the grease into a can and scrape dishes into the garbage instead of the garbage disposal.
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I’ve had a problem almost every year with our kitchen sink. Different plumbers and water-jet companies came by, only for the problem to re-occur months later.
haven’t had a problem for about a year… usually starts up again in October, so we’ll see.

here’s what I did:
1. Plumber augered it.
2. Professional Water jet
3. plumber augered it
4. plumber removed two 90 degree elbows and put in 45s
5. completely removed garbage disposal
6. I rented an auger and did it myself
7. started monthly treatment of enzyme cleaner

i think the enzyme cleaner actually caused the last clog we had. It must have dislodged some part of the blockage.
because of the elbows in my line, the auger can’t clean the entire sidewall….just punches a 1” hole.

no problem since I last augered it and co tinted to use the enzymes monthly.
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Buy a strainer for your sink so that small bits and pieces don't get stuck. Also, grease or any oils (alongside coffee ground) should not be disposed of on the sink. You can collect the grease with a plastic container and throw it away at a nearby gutter.
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I've seen a lot of clogging problems under kitchen sinks when 1 1/2" pipe was exclusively used. I always found it best to increase the pipe size to at least 2" as soon as possible past the 1 1/2" trap.
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As mentioned before. No food or grease.
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what's the horizontal pipe at the top of the first pic? is that the vent? how is your system vented? venting, pipe angles, pipe size, pitch, traps, and NO grease or garbage.

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