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Saniflo installed wrong? No vent for washing machine?

Plumbers installed lines for my saniflo toilet in the laundry room today but I think they may have done it incorrectly. They are coming back tomorrow to set the toilet so I would like to know if I need them to fix this when they are out.

the vertical pipe off the macerator is the vent for it. Next they put the saniflo drain into a wye and below that is the washer drain into a wye. I believe the saniflo drain should have been below the washer drain or that the washer needs a separate vent. Is that correct?

If so it would be very difficult to have enough space to run the saniflo lower than the washer and the standpipe still be tall enough. I think the best solution might be to cut off the vent he made for the saniflo and use it as the washer vent. Then turn the pipe coming off the saniflo so itís vent runs up the other side of the stud and then over to the stack. Would that work?

and no this is not an exterior wall if anyone is wondering about the insulation. I think it is there for sound suppression.


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The 2" vertical vent can handle multiple fixtures so the washer and SaniFlow sharing it is probably not a problem unless a lot of other fixtures that we can't see are also using it. And, it is permitted to have one fixture discharging into a vertical above another. No distinction is made as to what has to be above the other so the SaniFlow can be above or below the washer tie in.

I would have them change how the vent line passes through the wall for the SaniFlow. It is MUCH more difficult to sheetrock around an angled pipe. I would come straight out of the wall. Then install a 90 after the sheetrock is hung.

I would enlarge the opening, removing all the sheetrock from floor to ceiling. That way you don't have two, horizontal, non-beveled joints to try and smooth out. Replacing floor to ceiling leave you with just the two vertical seams to finish.

While the wall is opened up I would consider adding a cleanout to the 2" drain/vent line above where the SaniFlow ties in. You've got a lot going on in a small area and it looks like a fair bit of horizontal run off to the left. A clean out makes taking care of any clogs much easier in the future.

I don't know if the ball valve is required on the SaniFlow outlet but make sure you install an access cover over it. Do not bury it behind sheetrock.

It looks like you have #12 wire feeding into the electrical box with a blank cover plate but it appears you have #14 wire going down to the outlet. That is a big code violation if that is a 20amp circuit as it should be. All wiring on a 20 amp circuit must be #12 wire.
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