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Attempting to install a gas stove & would have to run a gas line outside the house and drill through the wall just above the floor level in the kitchen. I am also planning on relocating my gas furnace in the near future, which is going to require running the gas line in the same direction. There is a “ tee right at the meter but I assume that for both furnace and the stove I’d need a ” to 1” pipe. Can I install a coupling or reducer from ” to 1” at the meter without affecting performance of appliances?
Thanks for your suggestions.
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can u clairfy what1/2#8221 means?
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My Two Cents

Hello mik_mik

You do need to clearify what 1/2#8221 means, as requested by plumbguy.

For all intensive purposes, there isn't any central heating furnace that should be feed gas on any gas line less then 1 inch. No exceptions.

The central heaters BTU draw is always going to be too large for a 1/2 inch line. Even an 80,000 BTU furnace will need a minimum 3/4 inch line directly to the end of the pipe. Then a 3/4 inch flex to the gas control valve.

Some large BTU draw furnaces 100,000 BTUs and over always need a one inch gasline up to the shutoff valve on the end of the pipe. Feed pipes to these appliances should never be reduced.

Main gas feed line throughout entire house should always minimum 1 inch. If there is 3 or more gas appliances, the pipe needs to be 1 and 1/4 inch to 1 and 1/2 inch. Smaller pipe is never an advantage. Slightly larger is always best.

The drop to a 1 inch but not less then a 3/4 line comes off the main feedline to a small gas fired central heating unit always. It's the biggest gas draw appliance a house has. Never should be feed with a 1/2 line. 3/4 inch is the minimum size.

Same rule above applies for a water heater and dryer except the last foot or so of pipe can be 1/2 inch if needed. Never reduce a gas feed line to 1/2 inch if it feeds both a water heater and a dryer on the same line.

Free standing full size stoves should always have a 1 inch feed line to the pipe shutoff valve and 7/8 inch flex connector.

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