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I have a Kohler toilet which runs every few seconds, I have tried tightening the ball inside the tank, it seemed to have stopped. Except that the water started running again shortly thereafter. I also noticed that there were some bubbles in the tank only I could not figure where they were originating from.I would appreciate it very much if someone can please help me try and fix this problem. It is most annoying to hear the water running every few seconds, not to mention the waste of water and my water bill. I forgot to mention that this is a one piece setup tank and toilet combined.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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I had the same issue on a Kohler except it was a two peice. It sounds like you have a problem with water leaking. If no water is visably leaking then check the flapper. Also using chlorine tablets in the tank are hard on the flapper and causes issues like this.

Good Luck
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Hi John,

Thanks for answering my post. After receiving your post I did check out the flapper, and I think it does need changing I'm not sure how much excess it should have over the cover but I think my own is just barely making it. One question though, do you think I have to buy a Kohler flapper or can I go to home depot and buy one?


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I think a flapper is a flapper as long as it fits. Some may be made better or have different uses but buying the exclusive dealer part is not necessary.

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