Depth for New Yard Hydrant Faucet

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Depth for New Yard Hydrant Faucet

Not a mission critical project, but just pondering this a bit and thought I'd run it by the group.

I have an old abandoned water pipe that goes from my well to where my old mobile home was back before we demoed it and built a new house with a new water system. I kept that old abandoned line there and capped for future use, and now I'm thinking of putting a 2' frost free yard hydrant down in the place of where the old mobile home was so I can have a faucet out here by the old site. I dug down to where the line is running parallel to the ground and realized the line is only about 8"-9" deep into the dirt.

Admittedly we don't get into freezing much here since I'm near the Oregon coast and it's only a few days a year it gets into the 20s, and I can count on one hand how many days it's gotten into single digits in my lifetime. So we don't get sustained cold for any length of time, but thought the water lines going underground would be deeper than 9" from the well to the old mobile home.

Long story short, I'm thinking of putting this 2' yard hydrant in and the pipe is only 9" down and then would go into the bottom of this large hydrant, so I'm thinking I'd either need to support it with a T-post as 3/4 of the hydrant would be above ground and it would be a bit awkward, or I'd have to dig a deep hole and do a bunch of extra plumbing to move my pipe down 18" and then have it connect to a hydrant down deeper. Any thoughts on just hooking it up and calling it good if the rest of the line is only 9" down, or am I missing something and should be making sure the hydrant is buried deeper and not connecting the existing 9" deep PVC pipe to the hydrant that close to the surface?

Thanks all.
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I normally get taller yard hydrants and plant it deep. The pipe only gets deeper as it nears the hydrant so you don't have to dig the whole way at that depth. With a proper depth in the ground it allows the hydrant to support itself as intended. If you use a post to support a shorter hydrant I would dig out the hole as deep as you need to then install the support post in the virgin soil at the bottom. Then install your hydrant, attach to the post and back fill. Just mind your post height so you aren't banging you knuckles when you open and close the hydrant.

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