Slow filling toilet tank (bad valve?)


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Hello -

I've been having problems with my toilet not flushing due to lime/scale buildup and now I've run into another problem. When flushed, the toilet begins to fill very slowly, somtimes water will not come out of the filler tube at all for a few minutes. Pressure seems to increase the longer the valve is open. My toilet is taking up to 30 minutes to fill the tank most of the time. The shutoff under the toilet is open all the way and I just cannot seem to figure this out, there's more than enough water pressure. Should I replace the valve?
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Divide the problem in half to determine where the problem is. Shut off the shut off valve and disconnect the inlet line. Turn the shut off valve back on and run water into a bucket. Do you have good water pressure and flow? If so, the problem is in the fill valve. If not the problem is in the shut off valve or plumbing.
I am going to assume the problem is with the fill valve. Most all fill valves can be taken apart and cleaned/repaired. The top of the valve will either twist off or have screws holding it together. I would start by taking it apart and cleaning it. If that doesn't work, replace it.
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Thank you -

I checked the pressure coming from the shutoff and it's more than enough. I then removed the valve and took it apart. There wasn't much scale buildup in the valve at all. I was unable to determine what may be causing the slow output so I re-assembled the valve and re-installed it to test it. At first the pressure was ideal then I turned the valve off then back on and the pressure was lower than it was.

I'm beginning to wonder if I'm being too frugal and that I should just give up and replace the valve.

Any more ideas?

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What type of fill valve do you have? Some of the ones that have a rod and ball (Masters) have two adjustmet screws on it. One to set the shut off of the valve, when the float is raised. One to prevent the ball from falling to far down when the toilet is flushed. If this second one is adjusted to far, it will prevent the float from falling and the valve from coming fully on.
If you have one where the float is around the the fill valve (Fluidmaster), ensure the float moves freely up and down.
If you still what to save a few dollars, buy just the rebuild kit for the fill valve you have. About the only thing in there that goes bad is some rubber disks.
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I have a fluidmaster valve - I may just look into a rebuild kit. Thank you for your help.
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You can get a new Fluidmaster toilet water inlet valve assembly for about $7 bucks.
Why fool with re-building one? (Except just for the fun of it?)
Good Luck!

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