Old food disposal

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Old food disposal

This might have been put into the food forum, but I think this is more appropriate since has to do with plumbing.
Left over food or old food left in the fridge. Consistency of casseroles or semi soft material. Not a whole chicken leg or bulk solids or similar. I say it's better to dump it down the toilet since it's the consistency of typical crap rather than the garbage where it will continue to spoil, smell and rot. Possibly attracting rodents or other pest. I'm also assuming municipal sanitary system as opposed to a septic system. Others say it's Disgusting and should not be flushed down the toilet. It's bad for the municipal system to process it.
What you say?
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I run that thru my disposer.
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Leftovers go into the garbage. If they are or will be stinky then they go into a shopping bag, tied shut and taken out to the rollout container.
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I will never put anything like that down a disposal (especially if it may contain rice or pasta. Too many clogs.)
I've had way too many maggots in the roll out container during hot days. And I seal my garbage very well.

It seems to me that left over food be it in the house hold garbage or in the municipal land fill makes for an ideal rat infestation, where as putting it through a water type recycler system is the better way. Besides human waste is nothing more than recycle food.

I don't know about other places but most everybody will deposit their dog's messes in the local roll out garbage container. But I'll never understand, why many people when they are training there new puppies and find a mess on the floor will pick it up and deposit it in a bag then in the garbage. Why not just the toilet? It's what I did when training my new dogs.
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I'm on a septic system so no garbage disposal. Our leftovers and table scraps go in the trash. From there they go to a trash to energy plant to be burned. During hot weather meat scraps go into the freezer until trash pickup day. Raw veggie scraps go in the compost.
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It really depends on where you are-
Septic tank, so nothing goes down the sink.

Veggie scraps and carbs go into the compost, cardboard or paper goes into the fireplace.

We're on 20 acres, so any freezerburned or meat scraps get tossed far out into the field / woods
(were in an area with barn-cats & foxes, not bears and coyotes)

Don't really end up with much to get rid of.

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