Looking for help suggestions about new water lines?

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Looking for help suggestions about new water lines?

Hello all, I am looking for input on potentially trying to install a sink/running water in a guest bedroom. See the diagram and pictures for a easy digestion of plan.
The text version is as follows. I want to tap into the external of wall feeds using a 'T' adapter and feed both hot and cold water lines throughout a wall and around a water heater and through another wall into the guest bedroom (Flex line most likely is my thoughts). The goal is to install a counter with a sink that has hot and cold water and the drain will be drilled as well to the existing drain using a similar 'T' fitting.
Any recommendations or words of wisdom? Is this a solid plan? Anyone done similar? I don't need to break into any pipes here or do any major "construction" that requires busting pipes or cutting stuff out!

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Welcome to the forums.

You can't just tee into a drain/trap under and sink and extend it to another sink.
You can run flex lines but that's going to require special fittings, a crimp tool and you will still need to cut into existing pipes. It's not as easy as just "sticking" adapters in the pipes. It may be easier to use copper especially if that's what is already there.

Where are the water lines now.... behind the water heater ?
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The pictures are a little clarity. The lines come from the wall. The wall inside the closet leads to the room (see blueprint layout) and I want to feed a line about there to center a sink and counter top hopefully. I did a little bit of screen drawing to convey thoughts. Do you think it would be best to tap into the water heater? Sounds like a pretty penny for a plumber or a few months or more of studying.

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Tying into water lines is the easy part. Running the drain line is going to be the issue. You really won't know how difficult it will be until you open the wall and see how the existing drain line and vent line is routed.
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Your pictures are for reference right?

Your not really planning to tap into the water and drain lines under a sink, exit out the side of the vanity, go across the room (small gap), then through the wall into the closet, then around the front of the water heater, then into an adjoining bedroom?

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Agreed with the others. This requires real plumbing and not just screwing in a few pipes.

* You would have to cut the supply pipes in the wall, tee them from there
* You'd need to run behind the water heater either in the wall or outside the wall. You don't want to 'trap' the water heater in
* As others have said, the drain will be the hardest. It will need to be teed in the wall, and depends on how the drain/vent is configured. The new sink may need its own vent, it looks like it's might be close enough, but depends on what's in the wall.

Long story short, it's most likely doable, but probably a much bigger project than it sounds like you think it is.

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