Whole House Sediment Filter Replacement

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Whole House Sediment Filter Replacement

Hello everyone,
Here are pictures of the whole house sediment filter I will replace. Both the old one and the new one are Aqua Pure AP101T. The old one lasted 12 years, but a plastic piece inside the blue shut off at he top broke and it started leaking. (I managed to jerry rig it back together for now with krazy glue and duct tape lol, doesn't leak anymore!). Anyway, I have the new one ready to go, and thought by looking at the pics someone might have insight as to the exact process.
Thanks in advance, a great site!!!

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Do you have a question?

I don't see your leak or repair. With this type of filter it puts a lot of stress on the housing when you try to unscrew the filter housing. It's especially bad in your case where you do not have a bracket supporting the filter. That puts all the strain on the plumbing fittings which can wallow them out and cause leaks. I would attach a board to the wall. Then choose a replacement filter with a mounting bracket and securely mount it to the wall so there is no strain on the plumbing fittings.
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I have the new one ready to go, and thought by looking at the pics someone might have insight as to the exact process.
Exact process of removing or re-installing, what type is new one?
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Turn off water. Put a wrench on the fitting that is screwed into the housing. Break nut loose with second wrench. Repeat on other side. Hopefully there is enough flex in that pipe to the right to pull the line out of the fittings.

I concur with PD on anchoring the housing, that is how I have mine set up (dual element type). As marq says, though, depends somewhat on replacement, but if it is same and with same size compression fittings, should be pretty straightforward.
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Well I only got to post #2 when I wrote this:

They make bracket (link below) for that filter. I agree - you should support that filter. You can attach it to a board on the wall with that bracket.

It looks straight forward to replace that filter. I would guess you should have enough play in that vertical pipe to slip the new filter in place. But maybe others would disagree.

You loosen the big nuts to remove that filter. That is a compression connection so you need new ferrules to install the new filter.


(I think OP already has identical new filter)

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