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what's that water pressure regulator thing on my water main and can I mess with it?

what's that water pressure regulator thing on my water main and can I mess with it?

Old 07-16-01, 08:25 AM
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I have a pressure regulator on my main water line. I'm not happy with the pressure. I can't use more than one sprinkler at a time outside and the showers and faucets inside seem ok but just not as good as my previous home. Could I run a pipe off my main before the regulator and outside to power the sprinklers? Can I adjust (or pay someone to do it right) the regulator. I tinkered with the bolt on the end a little. Turned it about half way around and didn't notice any difference so I turned it back. Is that a no-no?
Old 07-18-01, 11:38 AM
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I think I have more questions about your problem than you do.

Is this a new home with new pipes or is it an older home? What size is the line from the main to the house. What material is it? How long is it? All pf these and more effect the problem you describe.

A pressure valve is in use generally because the water pressure supplied by the municipal system is considered to be too high for the safety of your household water consuming appliances. It is used to step the pressure down to an acceptable level.

To find out the pressure in your house, purchase a cheap pressure gauge (0 to 100 psi)and a hose adapter at your local hardware or home improvement store. Attach this assembly to a hose bibb and check the pressure without any water running. Open a few faucets, or flush a toilet, an see if the pressure drops. Generally, most home owners like a pressure or around 60 pounds.

If the pressure falls when you begin using water, you most likely have a supply pipe that is becoming plugged or is too small a diameter. In turn, various fittings, including the pressure reducer valve, may restricting the flow.

Of itself, this valve does not have any great effect on supply unless it has become restricted or plugged from minerals. Minor changes in the setting will not necessarily create any problems, but it probably will not do much to improve the flow.

Check with your supplier to see what the pressure is before the valve. It may be too high for you to consider attaching any plumbing before the valve.

You may wish to talk with your local water supplier as they are often a very valuable and free source of help in addressing problems such as this one.


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