Will a pressure pump increase my water pressure?


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Our city supplies our water and the current PSI is running at about 45. We also live up hill from the pump house. When I am running a sprinkler and my neighbor starts a load of laundry I loose pressure to my sprinkler. The city I live in says this cant happen! My home is older and has 12 foot ceilings. The pressure to my upstairs bathroom is very poor with just a trickle coming out of the shower. I can not spend alot of money at this time to put in new pipes,(the current pipes are galvinized)which is the only option anyone is giving me at this point (replace the horizontal pipes. What I would like to know if there is a pump available that I can install or have installed that would retify this problem, and if there are any associated problems, ie having to prime the pump, or is there one that doesnt need priming and should I be concerned about my current plumbing handling additional pressure?
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Galvanized pipes scale up inside over time, restricting the water pressure, and eventually plug up completely.
40 years is about the max life that you can get out of them. Unfortunately, the only solution is to replace the galvanized.
Adding a pump or doing anything else will not solve your water pressure problem, as long as the galvanized is there.
Good Luck!

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