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My wife and I just bought a home,before we bouhgt the home we had all the inspections done.Well the plumber never disclosed the drain leak under the slab. We had it checked by another contractor and he told told me about where and how far the leak was, about 15 feet in under the slab.Tree root was pulled out so we know the cause.The quote between 8 & 10 thousand dollars for this repair that my insurance won't cover.Is this adifficult repair or this something I can do myself and how would I? The pipe is cast iron
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Yes, repairing anything in or under a slab can be difficult and expensive.
If it is about 15 feet in, you can't dig it out from the edge.
You have to rent a saw (made for the purpose) to cut a block out, or else break up the slab with a sledge hammer.
Once the concrete is out of the way, you have to dig up the leaking pipe and repair or replace that section of it.
You can rent a cast iron cutter and use Fernco rubber boot couplings (held on by large hose clamps) to replace the bad section with like-size PVC pipe.
Then you have to replace the concrete, and refinish the flooring over it.
Did the contractor find the leak with a video camera to pinpoint it? Try to be pretty certain that you are creating a hole in your foundation slab that will be right over it, or you may create a bigger problem.
As for the home purchase, that brings up a bigger question.
Does your state require full seller and real estate agent disclosure of known defects? If so, the seller may be liable to repair it, if they did not disclose it and knew about it (evidence of previous inspection, repair attempts, etc.). Who had the root removed?
Consult an attorney before you do anything else.
Good Luck!
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plumbing reroute

Thanks for your suggestion.We already have talk to an lawyer and started proceedings,but the lawyer said they could settle or drag it out and right now we have no use of our kitchen so I have to do something.Thanks again for your help

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