Need help with kitchen sink problem

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Just tonight I replaced the p-trap and wastewater pipe of the kitchen sink following the detection of a minor leak. I had the cold and hot water supply valves turned off at the kitchen sink for about an hour and a half while I did this. After replacing the pipes, I have a full supply of cold water, but the hot water pressure is extremely limited(between a toothpick and a straw size stream.) The pressure around the rest of the house is fine. Do I have something stuck in the shutoff valve that is not allowing hot water through? Or is there something else happening that I just don't know about?

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Hello russel I think the hot water stop under the sink is giving you trouble on old stops the washer gets old and britle when you shut it off with movement it broke and got stuck inside it. if your stop is type that can be dismantle then you should shut the main water supply off, dismantle the stop and clean it and replace the washer it will be fine. or some time very rarely that broken washer will come upto the faucet and get stuck in it. if that is the case then shut off the hot water at water heater and take off the hot water supply tube off at the stop under sink put an bucket under the supply tube and open hot and cold water at by pluging the water at spout it can be backwashed
wish you good luck

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