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Trying to install a washer in the basement of the 1940's house I rent. There are hot and cold water hookups for a washer, below it is an outlet for it to plug in to. I'm confused about the drain, however. There's not a pvc pipe, or any pipe, for that matter, coming out of the floor. However, beneath the outlet for the washer is a metal pipe coming out of the wall (foundation) about 1 inch from the floor. It's only about 1 inch in diameter, as opposed to the typical two or so. The washer I have (which did not come with the house) has a drainage tube that is the same size, however, it fits perfectly. How do I find out if this pipe is connected to the sewer, as a drain, or whether it's something else? (like gas, for example.)
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Have you asked the owner?
A washing machine drain is normally a standpipe with a trap at the bottom of it that the washer drain hose hooks into.
Is this a galvanized pipe with threads on the end? Is it open or capped off?
If it is capped off, you might assume it's gas. I wouldn't think so, if it doesn't have a cap or gas cut-off valve.
If it is open and nothing has been hooked to that pipe for a while, if it is a drain pipe, there will probably be sewer gas wafting from it (trap dried out). If not, it may be stopped up.
One inch is quite small for a modern washer drain.
You can probe it with a length of flexible steel cable or a plumber's snake. OR try to run a water with a hose into it to see what happens (IF you have a basement floor drain).
Personally, I would seek another way to hook the washing machine drain into the main line.
A washing machine pump can push water up to a drain line at the ceiling level of the basement, and you might look there.
Good luck!

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