Toilet won't flush...runs constantly!!!

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Please help! Our only toilet is driving us mad...It won't flush when the handle is pushed. Yes, the chain and flapper are working correctly. The flapper comes up and stays up until you push it back down by hand. When the flapper comes up after pushing the handle down, the bowl will slowly fill....very slowly, and will not flush properly...if anything is floating, you have to plunge it down. The water in the tank starts to go down...slowly...but will not go down far enough to coherse the flapper back down into it's resting place. Hence, you have to do this manually or it will just keep running...which ours has done...a lot. Once the flapper is back in place, the tank fills up fast (as usual). There is no whoosh nor a swirl of water when you try to flush it. Here is what we have done so far to try to rid the problem...nothing has worked at all...not even a little bit. We have: plunged- both the bowl and the tank, used wire to clean out the drain holes under the rim of the bowl- they all seem to work fine, poured drain cleaner into the bowl, cursed it---many,many times--this doesn't work either, used my hand as the flapper--- no difference-- there doesn't seem to be any suction and the water level does not go down far enough, used wire to run down the tank drain hole where the flapper is. We cannot find anything plugged up or broken. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated and tried. The only thing we have not done is to use a snake. We do not own one at this time, but I might look into purchasing one if I have to. Don't really have the money to spare. Please help.
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A toilet has its own built-in trap, and they get easily clogged with anything other than toilet paper (and even then, too much of that can do it).
Things like toothbrushes, curlers, feminine products, plastic toys, etc. can clog the trap, which may be the problem.
Get (rent or buy, they're inexpensive) a crank toilet auger, feed the end of it up into the trap and crank away. Hopefully, this will snag whatever is blocking the trap and you can pull it out.
If not, you will have to pull the toilet, and try to auger it from underneath (replace the wax seal). While it is up, if you don't have a problem with the trap, you will need to snake (rent) the drain line.
See "Repair/Fix-It" above. Look under Toilets in the Plumbing section.
BTW, NEVER use drain cleaner in a toilet. It may dissolve the wax seal, and you'll have even a bigger problem.
Good Luck!
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Hello, I've experienced the same problem you have, water from the tank to the bowl travels slowly, the flapper won't close and the toilet won't flush. I know you cleared the holes under the rim, however lime build up can occur inide the rim, in the throat of the toilet and the jet hole at the bottom of the toilet. I would suggest you buy some muratic acid (used for swimming pools) pour a bucket of water in the toilet to lower the bowl level then pour about a half gallon of acid down the over flow in the tank let it set for about an hour then flush. That will probably cure your problem. Good Luck Woodbutcher

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