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We bought a house with a messy bathroom. It has a nice, newer tub located next to (but separate from) an old, pink ceramic tile shower stall.

My husband and I are considering removing the shower stall and running the shower head to the bath (the shower head backs up to the bathtub faucet wall). We would then like to convert the shower stall into a linen closet.

Our budget is modest, however, and we are wondering how involved the process is for removing a tiled shower stall. I can't find any info on removing shower pans, etc. Is this a doable project for the do-it-yourselfer or definitely a contractor job? Help???
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First get a hammer and a trash can and remove the tile. The easiest way is to whack each tile in the center and they will fall off by the droves. That is the grunt work anyone can do.

To remove the base you need to be patient, handy and get advice that works.

The most important thing about removing any shower base is not damaging the drain that you will reuse. If you have access to the base from underneath figure out how it comes apart. It could be a gasket, glue, lead ect.

If you can not access it then you can tear the old base out in chunks. Be careful not to damage the drain.

Also if you need a contractor you could see what they would charge to simply unhook the base from the drain.

One more thing. On the walls I highly reccomend you use cement board. It is far superior to drywall even the moister resistent and is not effected by the water.

Good Luck
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Thanks so much! Your help and advice is GREATLY appreciated...

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