Calcium in plumbing


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I have a twenty year old home and am having trouble with water pressure, especially in my kitchen faucet. Last month I replaced the faucet and when I took it apart there was a cross tube that went between the hot and cold water. It was seriously clogged with white crud, that I assume is calcium.
Anyway I have always had water pressure problems since moving in and have regulary removed the faucet aerators to clean the same white crud out of them. The problem is it continues to be a problem after a month or so.
Now my new kitchen faucet is seriously slowed as far as water pressure and I am going to take it apart to clean it.
My question lies in that I am wondering if maybe this would be helped if I were to take the water heater apart and see if it is clogged with the same junk.
If this would help is there anywhere I could get an idea of what to do in disassembly?

Thanks in Advance

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No need to take the water heater apart.
Turn off the gas or the power at the breaker to the heater.
Attach a hose to the drain spigot at the bottom of the tank, and allow it to flush and drain the sediment out.
The white crud may be one of two things...calcium, or tiny bits of a deteriorated dip tube.
There has been a problem with dip tubes.
Dip tubes carry cold water to the bottom of the heater inside the tank. Disconnect the cold water supply to the tope of the heater get to it and check it. They can be replaced.
If it is calcium, you can solve that problem with a water softener. Water softeners remove calcium and magnesium that make water hard.
Good Luck!
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Thank you very much I will try that right away. Appreciate your expertise and kindness...


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