Hot water in shower

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Our shower's hot water pressure is very low,and continuosly needs adjusting to maintain an even tempature while you shower. Today I could only get very warm, but no hot water from it. The shower has a Kohler, single knob Unit. The pressure is fine everywhere else in the house and the shower head is okay since the cold is working fine. Please advise, and thanks for your Help.

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Cool Problem with your diverter valve

Sounds like a defective diverter valve...
I had a similar problem and ended up replacing the whole system. Depending on the date of the purchase, you might be able to request a new valve from the manufacturer as a part of the warranty coverage. You'll need to 'pop' a plastic cover on the handle to get to the screw. Close the water main(at the gate valve) and un-screw the handle. Then, you could either un-solder the diverter valve(4-way valve where the handle attaches to) from 2 incoming pipes and 2 outgoing pipes yourself using a portable torch or call a plumber. When you heat around the joints, make sure you don't stay in one spot too long and watch out for the backboard from catching a fire. If other faucets are OK, 99% chance your valve is defective or clogged.


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