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I've heard a lot of people complain about flushing problems with the new low-flow toilets, but has anyone else had trouble with the bowl finish?

Before replacing my old toilet with a new water-saving model, I carefully researched the field to find one that would flush properly. I ended up with a Briggs Vacuity, and it does flush very well--no problem there. But in less than two years time, the porcelain inside the bowl seems to be deteriorating. There are yellow/brownish streaks down the sides where the water flows in when you flush. The finish is warranted, so I called Briggs about it, and they told me to try scrubbing out the bowl with "ZUD," which I did. In fact, I scrubbed the heck out of it for over half an hour, but to no avail. I noticed that the discolored streaks felt rough to the touch, as though the porcelain finish or glazing had deteriorated, as though the water had actually etched into the porcelain leaving these roughened streaks behind. No amount of scrubbing would take them out.

As a check on my efforts, I gave my other bathroom toilet (a 15-year-old high flush job that cost only $30)the same ZUDding out, and found that it came out nice and white and smooth--no rough streaks, no stains.

So I'm beginning to suspect a defective john. I think Briggs will probably honor their warranty, but my questions are: have the manufacturers cheapened the finish on these new low-flush toilets, or did I just happen to get a bad one? Are there any models or manufacturers that you might recommend for a more durable finish? (I paid $180 for this model, and assumed that, for that much, I would get a good quality finish.) Shouldn't I be able to scrub out the toilet bowl and have it look like new, or am I just expecting too much? Any help appreciated. Thanks.
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As a plumber I prefer American Standard Toilets, and not fond of Briggs, I'd go for a replacement from briggs and if still the same problems, do away with the briggs.

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