Need to remove drum-trap?

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We have a 50+ year old house with a drum-type trap in the line under the tub. The tub is so backed up that no draino-like solution has worked. It will start moving--very slowly--when I plunge it like a mad-man. A plumber told me the drum-trap should be removed and replaced with a regular p-trap--that snaking it would only be a temporary solution at best, and that may not work if the coil ends up inside the trap.

The drum-trap and tub drain are in a fairly clear area and easy to get to, so I think I can do it myself. It looks like the only real challenge will be getting PVC pipe and fittings to fill in the area between the drain and the other side of the trap. The size of the pipe at the drain and the galvinized on the other side of the trap are different sizes.

I figured the best way to do this was to allow myself at least 5 hours of time, remove the trap and the rest of the pipe, take measurements, and then go to the store to get all the pieces I need.

Does anyone have any advice or special information for me before I start this? Does anyone have another solution?

Thanks for your help!
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Sounds like you're on the right track.
Good luck!
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I have a 75+ y.o. house, and I have been thru everything you are going thru.

I do not support removing the drum trap. Mine have a removable top, one in the tile floor, and two behind the tub, in the access.

Two weeks ago, I had to remove the lead pipe running from the tub drain to the drum trap in one bath, and replaced it with PVC, but I DID NOT remove the drum trap.

I do not know what would make anyone recommend removing a drum trap, unless they were getting paid to do it.

If you need more info, let me know.
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The removal of the drum trap in recommended highly by all plumbers, in residential homes, reasons behind this is, being able to clean out the line without the fear of getting tied up in the trap when trying to clean out the line, if the trap is in a hidden location, or not having to deal with all that messy gunky water that will overflow once you remove the drum trap lid. Every tried removing a drum trap lid in a 2nd floor bathroom knowing that lots of water will get all over the floor, and possibly damage some of the floor, if not contained good enough, scary thought.

Removal of the drum trap and installing a standard glue trap makes for an easy cleaning of a tub line without the headaches.


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This is a glue p-trap.

Get it in PVC or ABS.


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