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I'm trying to remove old valve seats from a Gerber 3 (separate) handle tub set but haven't had luck with a tapered seat wrench. One of the seats appears to have had the square opening where the wrench fits stripped out, so the wrench just slips. Any advice on alternate ways to remove the seats? - they're behind a tiled wall with limited access through the valve hole. A plumbing shop sold me a "#5 Easy Out" bit but I'm not certain how to use it and don't want to do so until I've exhausted any possible wrenching alternatives. Do I pound it in and then turn it out counterclockwise? Should I try to dress the seats and forget about removing them? HELP
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There are different kinds of seat wrenches, if a tapered wrench does not work I would pick up a $7.00 non tapered wrench at Home Depot. This non tappered is square and has three sizes, gets larger as you go up the wrench. I have worked on Gerber faucets before and this works fine. Good luck Dave.
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And if Dave's recommendation doesn't work for you, an EZ-Out bit is tapped in (gently, you're dealing with brass threads) until it "bites", and then the seat is unscrewed counter-clockwise.
(You might soak the seats in a solvent, like WD-40, to help loosen them. The longer they soak, the better.)
Since the threads in the wall fitting are probably corroded a bit, wrap a flat turn or two of teflon tape clockwise only on the new seat threads to seal them.
Good Luck!
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Gerber uses a 5/16 hex so try a 5/16 t-handle allen wrench (if you have one, otherwise a regular allen wrench and cresant for leverage). An easy out works on some valve bodies, there are a couple of styles that will not allow the easy out to go deep enough to get a good bite. An alternative to this is a nipple extrator which you can pick up at an auto part store or large hardware store. They come in sets or individual sizes. These allow a full bite at only 3/8' deep so they will usually work on any stripped out valve seat.

Have fun and take your time.....
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Thanks to all for the great advice!


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