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Question slow flushing toilet

I have a toilet that flushes very slowly. It is not one of the new siphon-style toilets. When flushed, the water fills the bowl completely, swirls around, and slowly leaves the bowl. It used to flush much faster, quickly enough that the bowl only filled up about halfway with water during the flush. It started doing this only recently. I tried plunging and pouring hot water through (my father-in-law's trick), but nothing seems to be working. I have another toilet on the same line, and it's working fine. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Lew Falconer
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slow toilet

Good afternoon. Check to see if your toilet has a small hole in the bowl opposite the large hole that the waste goes down. If it does; stick your finger into the hole and check for a build-up of lime. If there is any, break it off with a small screwdriver and try the toilet again.
If that doesen't work you are looking at snaking the toilet with a closet auger or removing the toilet and back-flushing it with a high pressure garden hose to dislodge whatever is in the toilet trap.
Please let us know how you make out with the problem.
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Thanks for the reply. I did get a toilet snake and was able to dislodge whatever it was slowing the flushing. Now it works like it used to. Thanks again.

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