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I live in Northern Minnesota where it can get very cold in the winter (-40 F isn't unheard of most winters). I have a 80,000 btu propane furnace in about a 1150 ft2 house. I now would like to finish off about 300ft2 of the basement and heat it. Is my furnase large enough to heat this additional area? I can't find any tables that help a person size a furnace for their house. Also, I've heard heat registers in basements, because they are usually installed near the ceiling, do not result in good air mixing. So near the floor it stays cool. Is there a way to force the air down to a register near the floor?

I will also supplement with some sort of electrical heat, but can't decide between a baseboard heater and a wall mounted blower unit. (I need to do this regardless of whether the furnace is large enough because I have a fireplace upstairs that when used, heats the upstairs but not the downstairs. THerefore the furnace doesn't run when I have a fire.) I've heard mixed reviews on both. Baseboards are less of a safety hazard, but more likely to burn a child and take up more of a wall where you can't place furniture or outlets; wall units take up little area, but really can't have anything in front of them blocking flow, and if the fan burns out, are a safety concern. Any suggestions? Are there any propane in wall furnaces that would only show a vent opening in the wall, rather than seeing the whole front of the furnace? This would save me on the cost of electricity.
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installing toilet...

i installed a toilet this afternoon and was attaching the tank, and tightened the bolts to hand tight only. the tank is not elvel and rocks back and forth from the wall a little. i've repositioned the tank several times, and have the same problem each time. does anyone have any suggestions???

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Hand tight is not good enough, snug them down, being careful not to overtighten.

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