toilet bowl install


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toilet bowl install

I just had the wax seal under my toilet replaced because it was leaking. The plumber told me that the reason my toilet was still rocking back & forth is because it's an older toilet (installed 1985) and it's commercial grade, and it won't fit flush over the wax seal. He said I need to go to Home Depot and buy an oval shaped toilet bowl & install it.
Seeing as how I've never even used a plunger, can anybody give me tips on installing a new toilet bowl?
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Here's a toilet install procedure:

And here's the Reader's Digest version:

1. Turn off supply valve and flush toilet to drain tank.
2. Disconnect supply line; have containers and towels handy to soak up water.
3. Remove mount bolts; should be one on either side probably under plastic trim covers.
4. Get a good hold on the assembly and lift free of the floor.
5. Soak up all the water that is now on the floor and get old toilet out of the house.
6. Clean old wax from flange in floor and any caulk from floor.
7. Measure distance from flange to wall before you buy the new toilet; take dimension with you for reference when shopping. Also buy new hold-down hardware if not included with new toilet and new wax ring. There are standard wax rings and ones with plastic flanges for better leak control.
8. Plug up waste hole whiule you're gone to get new toilet to keep sewer gases from coming up into bathroom.

To install:
1. Don't forget to remove whatever you put in the waste hole to keep gas out.
2. Lay new toilet on it's side and push wax ring onto under side of toilet waste outlet.
3. Put new hold down bolts in floor flange.
4. Carefully pick toilet upright being careful of the wax ring and lower it in place by lining up the mount holes with the bolts sticking up from floor flange.
5. Once it's in place make sure it is in proper position and then carefully sit down on it for about 5 minutes to compress the wax seal.
6. Install washers and nuts on mount studs and tighten. CAREFUL; DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THESE NUTS, YOU CAN CRACK/BREAK THE TOILET.
7. Reconnect water supply line and turn on.
8. Happy flushing!
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The shape of your toilet is NOT going to make any difference as far as rocking. If you have a ceramic/tile floor that is two very hard surfaces trying to rest on each other and that causes the rocking. This can be solved with plastic wedges that you will shove in at different places around the base of the toilet, toilet must be bolted down and secure to the floor before doing this, until you find where its uneven. If its not a ceramic/tile floor perhaps the wood is soft or maybe your flange needs repaired or replaced. But for a plumber to tell you its the shape of the toilet thats causing your problem and to send you somewhere else to buy a toilet maybe what you really need to change is your plumbing service company!!! Hope this helps
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I agree with both of the above.
Get a new plumber. You don't new a new toilet.
Level the toilet bowl with a level across the top of the bowl and shims under the edges of the base.
You can get plastic shims made for the purpose, as toilet jockey said, or I've always used beveled cedar shingle strips.
The toilet flange should be bolted solidly to the floor and the toilet should be bolted solidly (but not too tight) to the flange.

Good Luck!
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Thanks to everyone for the great advice!
I will use the shims and hopefully the problem will be solved!

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